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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 25, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> and a new multi-millionaire overnight. a winning powerball ticket sold right here in the bay area. >> here's look outside the north bay this morning. it's a soggy thursday morning, september 25th, this is "today in the bay." and a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a live look at the san mateo bridge this morning. you want to be extra careful out on those roadways. it is wet, soggy, slushy, pick your adjective. >> the rain moving its way into the south bay as we speak. we begin with meteorologist christina lore i don't know. >> we definitely want the rain. we typically get about a half
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inch in the bay area before september is done. i think a lot of people will be caught off guard as you wake up this morning. even though the radar doesn't show you any showers comele through right now, it's very slick out there as we've had the steady drizzle all night long. mike and i are all over this for you this morning. you can see the front starting to move down the peninsula, still getting at that rain shadow. but not for long. this front is. >> a little earlier we were talking po bob redell and i told you, bob, the heavy rain fall was headed your way. but you've got some heavy
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periods of rain fall i can't tell you how nice it is we're just south of the embarkadarro red exit. reminding drivers, look, this is the first rain we've had in a long time. we had a significant down so you definitely want to slow down out there, you want to make sure that you're not hydroplaning and
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most importantly, if you are going to be on the road this morning and especially if you're heading to work, you might want to leave yourself a little extra time. >> i know it probably isn't that great to be out in the rain but just to see this vision of you in the rain, it a beautiful thing this morning, a beautiful thing, bob skk. >> we're tracking this for you all morning long. let's see how it's impacting your krief, you will use the
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windshield wipers around the bay. it green all over my map. the road, traffic and weather tied together so we have our rain data translating to the wet weather index. >> other side of the bay, look at this. across that bay bridge. that's why 9830 reports as a flooding issue. >>. >> that lab slow drive through downtown approximately well chak that. >> let take a live peek outside
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of the bay bridge toll plaza. you see the rain already cropping up on our camera lens out there. as christina mentioned, everybody is getting rain this morning. she nailed the timing on the storm coming right through the peninsula. we'll check back in just a few minutes from now. >> it is 5:05 right now. we have an update to a developing story in mountain view. people running just. >> erp vit happened in a densel populated noobd off of el camino real. good morning, steph. >> hey, good morning to you, laura. what's happening right now is fire department is working with the coroner's office, which
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arrived not too longing a, in recovering the two at least one building still evacuating me. now, adjoinidavid, describe wha happened last night. >> i came home last night, i smelled the rotten egg spell -- smell. >> describe what happened. it must have been pretty chaotic. >> no, it was pretty calm actually. >> you've been waiting overnight. describe to pee what's been going on. >> i come back every hour or so.
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i try to ask the police what the estimate is when i can go back in. my cat is in my home. i really miss her. >> that's why you've been around but haz-mat crews? >> it's a different world. all the lights opinion it's like a movie set. >> you're saying you hadn't heard anything in any of the apartments, like nothing come hogs-wi -- moving forward, they are
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hoping to get people -- everyone back into their homes around 6:30 this morning. >> thanks, steph. >> 20-year-old nicholas la larminnee is kay cust of sexually assaulting children while working at the ymca. he'll be in court today. >> during a search warrant, santa rosa found a quarter pound of meth, marijuana plants and power tools and mike and.
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>> today napa will be hosting a festival to raise money to help earthquake victims. meantime, there are still lots of repairs to get done. and many are anxious to get their belongings back. >> my girl friend has some of her stuff from her grandma that she wants back and a lot of sentimental stuff we had in there. >> city officials say the building will likely be demolished. they're planning now how to get everybody's things out.
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students will be back today but the cafeteria will not be providing food because it does not have hot water. >> if you're just waking up this morning, a drizzly morning -- >> a welcome drizzly morning. >> it's not just that mist, it's not just the drizzle, for us here in the south bay, that's all it been so you're right on, but this is what is coming our way. it's heavy rain.
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>> travel very cautiously as we haven't had this kind of rainfall in the bay area since april. can you see the front moving in and embedded within this front. we have yellow and orange and right now it's still the north bay seeing the most of it. this is enough to cause localized flooding because it's coming in so quickly. now i zoom into the street level in san francisco, that's on the way to where you live in the pim a now, this is where it gets really, really cool, we're bumping it up by an hour. look at what happens at that point. that's when the heaviest rain fall develops in the sourt if
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this thing. >> we'll keep you updated. let check your drive. here's mike inouye. >> you talked about the drizzle and the mist. it's going on here in south bay. it's strik enough to talk about sm smet. >> nn. >> duane: m the wet roads officially puddling and ponding going on in those areas. we have a really bad windshield wiper on our camera lens. we have south bond 880, two
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lanes blocked by a truck standing in some standing water. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the faa about to give companies permission to use drones. >> the winning powerball ticket sold right here in the bay area.
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welcome back. 5:15 on your thursday. a look at the weather radar this morning. look at all of that green. that symbolizes the rain moving right now over the bay area. it's on its way to the south bay as we speak. christina loren will have your full forecast in just about four minutes. >> the faa could be one step closer to relaxing its ban on
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u.s. drone use. it's expected to announce it's granting permits to several movie and production companies to fly those drones. attorneys close to the permit say the drones will only be used on closed set and will be operated by a three-person team. >> mary thompson is live at cnbc headquarters this morning. good morning, mary. >> good morning to you. well, an apple a day may not be keeping the angry customers away but apple is retracting its 8.0
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i.o.s. update. in some cases blue tooth's connectivity was also an issue. all of this came after users complained that the iphones bent a little too easily under pressure because of theily aluminum cases on the phone. i fix up had -- yesterday the dow was up and the nasdaq closed with a gain of 47 points. futures were pointing to a higher open but just moments ago took a leg down. this ahead of data on initial jobless claims and durable goods
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orders, which are out later this morning. back to you. >> all right. thankes so much. somebody in the bay area, somebody, we don't know who, is waking up this morning a millionaire. asongle powerball ticket is worth $225 million. >> and kris sanchez is live where the winning ticket was actually sold. >> i'm feeling like the winner because i found an awning to stand under. by now the person who bought the winning ticket probably knows by now or maybe not. the owners of the store will get
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a cool million dollars for selling the winning ticket. they say it's nice but they're really happy for the person who won the $225 million lottery ticket. we've had a lot of good customers who have been coming here for a long time. how long have we had this location? >> 20 years. >> so we're well established and our clientele is also. we're really happy for them, whoever they are. >> this is the first chance the winner has to come forward. the lotto opens at 8:00. but as we've seen in the past, sometimes they like to take a while, taking time to figure out what to say to all the family and friends that show up. a couple more millionaires in
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the silicon valley, right? >> just what we needed. >> here we go again. wow, dare to dream. >> those grandparents were so cute. >> weren't they adorable? good for them. >> a big day this thursday because we're seeing a rush. >> and you can't buy rain no matter how much money you have. >> or love. >> or love, which is more important than money. thank you for that. 5:20, taking you out live showing you the rain this morning -- i completely concur, sam. >> all of marin county right now getting pounded by some heavy rainfall, the kind that we haven't seen for months, since april to be more specific. so this is what we're working with right now. can you see the heaviest rainfall in the north bay. in half moon bay, moderate rainfall there.
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we'll continue to track this storm for you as it moves into the bay area. this is what we're working with when it comes to san jose. expect the bulk of the moisture to around about 5:52 this morning. it's coming through fast, dumping rein and producing localized flooding. take it easy out there. some cities have already accumulated half of an inch. we're going to give you another 15 minutes before we give you the tallies so far. our rainfall totals have been so far over an inch and we desperately need it. san but here's the deal, once we do that, the model is still hinting at that sub tropical moisture gap. we'll start to clear you out as
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we head throughout late morning. by noon mostly clear conditions. but a sunny day to finish off. 78 degrees for the south bay, 76 on the peninsula and 70 degrees with rain on the east shore. wherever you're headed this morning, you're going to have to deal with these showers. make sure you have that umbrella ready to go and pull out that rain gear. you might have to dust it off a little bit. a beautiful weekend coming your way and then we're still watching for this chance of showers for the first week of october. if i get a chance, we'll talk a little more about that. we're so busy focusing on those showers, we want you to get those kids to school safely as well. >> right now we have the bay bridge. look at the water on the lens and even more on the roadway. a light backup but this will build quickly and we're likely to see metering lights on slower.
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we'll look at your map. notice that green over on the oakland side we have flooding reported. we have two of your right lanes blocked until you're o off of the bay ridge toll plaza right around town. a big rig tanker truck is stuck in the lane. so stay to your left, your two right lanz we'll look at palo alto, the water is kicking up.
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back to you. >> we'll be tracking your commute all morning long. right now, a look at a shooting that sent an unarmed man to the hospital and a trooper to jail. >> can i have your license place. get out of the car! get out of the car! get on the ground! get on the ground! >> you don't see that very often. that happened earlier this month but officials just released the video. at the scene the trooper told the unarmed victim 35-year-old levar jones why he fired on him. >> are you hit? >> i think so. i can't feel my leg. why did you shoot me? >> well, you dove head first back into your car. >> jones was struck in the hip.
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the officer was fired and charged with assault. his lawyer said he thought jones was reaching for a gun. >> pretty dramatic. it's 5:24 right now. meteorologist christina loren is tracking the storm. we'll check back with her in just a minute. >> plus the gi--
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philadelphia little league sensation mo'ne davis heading to the little league world series hall of fame today. >> after today's celebration, davis and her teammates will
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play against the team from new york. >> how cool is that? after speculation that the relationship between pg&e and one agency was just too cozy, the government distancing itself. >> and something we haven't seen for quite some time, rain on the radar, heavy periods. this is going to impact your morning drive. stick around. we'll tell you how much we've received so far. >> two lanes are blocked, we have spin-outs, roadways flooded on both sides of the bay. i'll give you the latest coming up.
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we continue to follow breaking news. a mountain view apartment
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building still be evacuated this morning. >> and we're tracking some heavy rainfall in the bay area. a lot of this rain, where is it headed? right toward the king fire. we'll tell you how long this is going to last, how much we could see and, yeah, this is going to be very impressive when it comes to totals. >> and why it might not be torrential, it is causing a huge issue for the morning commute right now. we do have roadway flooding. coming into nimitz a big rig tanker is involved. >> and less than 24 hours ago, a judge ruled this beach was public. >> and we're going to find out where the rain is coming down on this thursday, september 25th. this is "today in the bay."
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here we're go. the rain is here. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we've been waiting for this all week. i'm sam brock. that is a live look this morning at downtown san jose. >> we begin our coverage with meteorologist christina loren. >> oh, my goodness. this is such a welcome sight. good morning to you and everybody at home. we're getting that steady rainfall that we promised you. the timing couldn't be better. we called to bob redell about a half hour ago and the rain was intensifying at that point. you are in that steady rainfall at this point, bob. more importantly, how are drivers responding to this unusual phenomenon known as rain? >> reporter: yeah, what do they
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call it? so far so good as far as road conditions out there. we've seen the rain actually let up within the past half hour. it's more of a heavy drizzle right now. an accident here on the peninsula in palo alto. this is a good reminder for you out there. remember, we haven't had rain for a very long time. all the oils and fluids that have been dripping from our cars have been building up on the surface of the highways and roads. when you have that first rain, chp reminds you it's going to be extra slippery out there. it's a good reminder to people out there you are going to be safe and for them to be the same. be alert if your car starts to hydroplane. you want to break a little more slowly than you normally would. give yourself extra distance
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from the cars ahead of you. and you might want to leave a little bit early this morning when you head into work, give yourself extra time. the best advice, slow down out there. it isn't you but everyone else doesn't know how to drive when the rain comes. >> christina? >> i admit it, i had to use my windshield wipers this morning. as we head throughout the day today, we're not going to be moving with this rainfall all day long, it's a quick moving front, however, it's dumping some generous amounts of rain. let's talk about the king fire. in addition to the rain, we're
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expecting gusty winds. but i do this the rain is going to be a help for firefighters out there. it could get dangerous out there. temperatures are going to be mild today. san francisco even up to 69 degrees with that rain-cooled start. the sun is going to come out later on today and we'll see a nice finish, though dangerous conditions out there this morning. mike is already tracking a couple of areas where we have reports of flooding. good morning to you. >> good morning, christina. visibility will be an issue this morning as it kicks up from the car in front of you. not an unusual pattern here. looking pretty good as far as the backup goes. look at your map. we're talking about both sides of the bay. roadway flooding usually means the drainage is blocked and a couple of lanes have big puddles
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there. four inches reported over in oakland. we had early reports of a flooding there. there's a big rig tank are truck there in the but i hear that's not a major problem. what we need is the need for a big rig tanker to clear the area. now, a little farther south, visibility to the peninsula and rain moving to the south bay. back to you. >> it is 5:36 right now. to mountain view now. an evacuation order remains in effect at two apartment buildings due to a gas leak.
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and authorities made a grisly scene, two dead bodies. steph chuang has the story. >> reporter: if you look at the video from last night, there was a report of a strong gas order reported. it was described at rotten eggs. police went door-to-door when they realized it was a hazard
5:38 am
response and according there was a suicide note on the door. >> i got home from work, took a nap, it really smelled like gas and then the police came and started yelling with a blow horn, knocking on people's doors and told us we had to leave. then i went to dance class and when i came back, it was still this huge scene here. i've just been waiting in my car. my cat is in my apartment. i really want to go see her. >> reporter: and he should be able to see her soon. now haz-mat crews were completely covered from outside air, connected to an oxygen bottle and covered over everything. haz-mat crews went into the apartment to try and get samples, try and determine the
5:39 am
source of this chemical smell that was reported so heavily by police and by residents. again, they are wrapping up here, collecting things and we expect that the residents should be allowed back in here maybe within the next hour. that's the hopeful goal this morning. live in the bay, stephanie chuang. >> a judge has been reassigned of being accused of being a little too cozy with pg&e. the judge was removed after e-mail surfaced indicating pg&e wanted this particular judge to handle its case. while the e-mails were improper, the judge didn't find any particular issue of bias but took him off the case. >> surfers who just scored a legal win over a well-known local billionaire now holding a
5:40 am
victory party this morning at martin's beach. yesterday a judge ruled that the owner of the private beach must unlock the gate that leads to his public beach. he bought this property in 1989 for $32 million. mr. kosla is a billionaire venture capitalist. he said he feels extorted by the surf riders foundation. he cite as legal ruling saying this could set a dangerous precedence for those along the california coastline. >> and expecting some rain. we have rain in the north bray,
5:41 am
to your door and a 6:01 arrival for sunnyvale. >> when christina's roadway shows the activity, a few minutes later we have crashes and flooding. it's a little bit murky here. we'll have the latest coming up.
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welcome back. 5:43 on your thursday. today president obama wrapping up three days of meeting at the united nations. while ebola will be the topic today, the fight against isis is still in the headlines. tracie potts joins us for a
5:44 am
preview. >> reporter: good morning. we're learning france has joined the fight, sending in their own jets for air strikes against oil refineries. 12 of them yesterday seemed to be successful. so much so that it seems isis may be moving people out of that area, fearing more to come. here president obama spent much of yesterday focusing on trying to get more nations behind the u.s. effort. the security council that he chaired passed a resolution that will restrict travel for foreign fighters so they can't use their western passports to bring the fight back home. and here the pentagon is trying to figure out if they killed the leader of khorasan, the other terrorist group they went after. >> thousands of firefighters working the king fire are hoping to get a helping hand from this morning's round of rain. they've managed to hold the
5:45 am
containment line keeping the burn area to just under 93,000 acres. they've dealt with red flag warnings, wind gusts, low humidity but they hope to make progress in this weather. yesterday an inmate had to be airlifted out of the fire zone after he was hit by a falling tree limb. 12 homes have been destroyed but there could be more damage in areas that firefighters haven't been able to get to yet. >> someone in the bay area may have a winning lottery ticket of $225 million. >> jackpot. >> that powerball ticket was purchased at key market in san mateo. the owners will be receiving $1
5:46 am
million for selling the winning ticket. >> that hasn't sunk in. we're just excited for the person who is going to get the big purse. >> still in shell shock and too cute for words. last december a man won $324 million in san jose and this is just chump change prepared to those guys. >> kind of amazing. >> it's an odd paradox, a very wealthy area where people keep winning the powerball. >> 5:46. let's take you outside and show you what we are working with. that is some heavy rainfall right on cue. first week of fall and, yeah,
5:47 am
we're getting rain. and real rain. not just the kind you get a little mist, a little spit, a little drizzle. no, no, no, my friend. really want you to take an easy out there. just a beautiful looking front coming in this morning. embedded within the green, you see a little yellow, a little red. that's where you're finding the heaviest pockets right now. the heaviest rainfall right now coming through san francisco, all the way down to san francisco and heavy downpours even down in palo alto. the south bay is next to get the heavy rain from this system. let's talk about what to expect when it comes to the arrival of
5:48 am
the heavier rain in the south bay. we're expected to get very active here around 6:25. you can see this is coming in fast. this is what we're expecting throughout the second half of the day. areas of moderate to heavy rainful. that sky about. >> you'll see beautiful air quality and temps falling fast. we could be talking about more flooding, even here in the south bay. otherwise bring that umbrella, temperatures are going to be comfortable, san francisco at 69 degrees, the north bay at 77 degrees with lingering showers throughout the second half of the day. saturday and sunday we warm you up, monday we keep that warming going and then maybe some more rain towards the end of next
5:49 am
week. unfortunately, we -- >> folks are more aware of what's going on. look at this, lenses are wet. we should have the metering lights on turned around right this second as we head to the bay bring toll plaza. 280 around at&t park is moving well. the road weather index will highlight green all over our map. we have the same data but this translates to what you're going to see on the roadway. 880 just past 980 courts --
5:50 am
northbound you do jam up from mission boulevard where we have a jackknifed rig. wet roads might have contributed to that condition as well. right now we just see the after effects of rain and water kicking up by 101 near the home depot, you know those signs. 280, 85 and area south of here we'll see rain. and 101, rain here as well. but no incidents through the silicon valley. >> after andy sandberg dropped off the "tonight show," a new hamburger named after him. >> they call it the sam burger. it was inspired by the chicago
5:51 am
hot dog, featuring a beef patty, slicy dill peppers, relish, garlic and it's not cheap, $12. >> $1 for each sold will go to a berkeley group, the center for de deaf. >> how much is it going to cost for a ticket to that final game at yankee stadium? >> it's not cheap. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> the boys are back in town. >> aren't you going to sing for us? >> only in commercial. >> at at&t park, giants at home for the final game of the regular season. meantime, the team still working on securing its spot in the playoff. the giants lost a tough one to their rival dodgers last night, 9-1. if the giants win tonight or the milwaukee brewers lose, the giants will be guaranteed one of two wild card spots moving forward. >> still funny to see brian wilson in dodger blue. >> the a's still trying to secure their own spot in the playoffs. if they do it, it will have to be done on the road. oakland lost to the angels last night 5-4 but the team still holding on to a wild card spot. >> tonight one of the most famous yankees will say
5:55 am
farewell. >> with the yankees out of playoff contention, jeter will say good-bye to yankee stadium now. tickets for tonight's game are certainly not cheap. according to stub hub, the cheapest ticket in town for tonight's game, $250. that would be for a bleacher spot. >> no kidding. over the past year, jeter has done a farewell tour visiting stadiums across the league. at each spot he received a farewell gift from the team, including vacation and cowboys boots. but according to forbes, he has to fork over $16,000 in taxes just for those gifts alone. >> he can afford it. did you see his contract? >> somebody who is going to be sticking around all morning long is christina loren. >> you couldn't get me to leave for the world right now. good morning to you.
5:56 am
we want this rain. it's coming in quickly. the only caveat is it's coming in right. >> mike's tracking a couple starts that are having difficulty. >> when we come back, we'll add the rain totals. some cities in the mountains have already picked up over an inch of rain, mike. the only thing is poor commuters this morning, huh? >> yeah, we're having some reports of flooding and now having some clogged drains that will have to be cleared. and somebody called in saying i got into a puddle and i can't get out.
5:57 am
not as many droplets on the bay bridge. oakland shows soupy conditions past the coliseum. you still have the big jam locking and across the -- up traffic across the bay area. >> and mike and christina will be filling us in.
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6:00 am
a haz-mat situation in the south bay. why crews had to evacuate a neighborhood and the deadly discovery they made inside. >> and they just won big in court so how will surfers celebrate access to a popular bay area beach closed off to surfers? >> this is september 25, "today in the bay." >> and a good drizzly thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. the first rain of the fall season hitting the bay area right now. here's what it looked like within the past hour when there was a heavy downpour in san mateo.


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